Why website builders suck!

Your looking to build a new website for you or your business and you don’t know whether to hire a web designer, or have a go at designing the site yourself using an online site builder. Do yourself and everybody who is going to see your site a favour and contact a professional web designer! This is why website builders suck!

Using a website builder to make your website on the cheap is a bad idea and it can have a negative impact on you and your business. There are lots of website builders out there (I’m not going to list them. If your interested use google) but none of them can do what a professional web designer can, communicate. If you want your business to be taken seriously then you need to have a professional online presence, this starts with your website and is then echoed throughout all forms of social media. Here are some reasons why website builders suck.

Unprofessional Design

If you are considering using a site builder, you should also consider the people who are going to be visiting your website. They will notice the unprofessional design instantly and your important first impressions will be off to a bad start. I am not saying that every design on a site builder is bad, but they are not thought out very well. This is a great example…

Lots of the designs are similar in layout and positioning of important content with changes to colour and images. This leads to lots of websites within the same sector using a similar design, because they have selected it from the same design category. The only difference is they have changed it to include their own content. You could end up with a very similar website as your competitor.

Backlinks and Adverts

If website builders are your thing and you choose to use one of the many sites available, (I am not going to name any of these sites. As previously stated, if you want to check them out then google is your friend.) your website will be covered with ads saying something similar to “My website is created using ENTER-WEBSITE-HERE.COM. Create your own now!”.

This is not good for your online presence and doesn’t look very professional, and your visitors are not likely to take your business seriously or deem you as trustworthy. I should state that some websites offer you options where you can pay a monthly fee to remove these links… Great, thanks for the option!

No Support

When you come across a problem with your self built website who do you turn to for help? It might only be a small issue but if you can’t figure out how to overcome it, your stuck. More often than not the only way to get support from the site building websites is to pay an overpriced monthly fee for a premium package that includes it. With a professional web designer support is part of the process. Once I have completed a website there is almost always small changes to be made in the days and weeks after it goes live. If something doesn’t function as it should or content needs to be added then my clients know and trust that they can get in contact with me to get it sorted.

Spammy URLs

Taking advantage of the free options on website builders comes at a cost. Your URL is going to be strange, something similar to www.username.websitebuilder/yoursitename. This doesn’t look professional at all and having this on your business card or telling it to clients is a nightmare. These types of URLs go back to the ’90s when websites like Geocities and Bebo were around. Sites like this were full of flashing backgrounds, horrible Gifs and poor content. This is definitely not the best route if you want your business to be taken seriously. As stated previously you can pay an overpriced monthly fee for a premium package which allows custom domain names but is it worth it?

These are just a few examples of why hiring a professional web designer is the better option. You might say that I am biased but it’s not just web designers that say site builders are a bad idea. Take from this post what you will but in the long run a professional web designer is the better approach. Making a website takes time and chucking something together in half an hour just can’t compete. Let me know in the comments if you have ever used a website builder and how you found it.